The spelling bee ghana 2016.


The Spelling Bee Finals 2016 - Nigeria Ghana an unlikely place for English spelling bee 11th DAWN in Education National Spelling Bee Championship Ghana's Spelling BEE Champion.flv Finalist Announcement @ 2016 Scripps National Spelling Bee

Young Educators Foundation (YEF) is an international NGO whose vision is to improve the lives of our youth through literacy, as well as champion the cause of education in Africa. We strongly believe that education cannot be limited to only what is taught in the classroom; co-curricular activities must be included in the curriculum. In a bid to champion the cause for Education in Africa, Young Educators Foundation became the official franchise owner of the famous Scripps Spelling Bee in Africa. The programe teaches children between ages 8 and 13, how to improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn and understand word concepts and develop English usage. The 2016 Spelling Bee Ghana champion Afua Ansah made Ghana and Africa proud by representing them is the 2016 Scripps spelling bee competition held in Washington DC, USA. Here is a summary of the final competition held in Ghana. To learn more about YEF Ghana and the spelling bee, visit

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