Mzbel praises Akufo-Addo for free SHS


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Mzbel praises Akufo-Addo for free SHS

Published on: 2017-09-11

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Ashawo ugly bitch fucking around like a dog.


Wonders shall never end. Don't you feel ashamed of yourself to praise Nana Addo, Mzbel. Have you forgotten so soon the nasty words you used for Nana Addo. You think Ghanaians are all fools. I wonder if you have such a Statesman in your family. God punish your mouth!!!


Look at her senseless face. she insults Nana Addo that, he is not presidential material. idiot and disgrace girl


she just trying to get her fame back. she thinks npp people are little babies. she is afia Schwarzenegger number 2
greedy bastard.


Stop insulting her Nana Addo isn't a GOD for her to believe him at once but his works are going to prove his TRUTHINESS


Idiots like free stuff


stupid girl


Stupid fucking bitch. I hope your child fails. Ashawo slut


Well we ndc will trade u to npp. Good luck enjoy that so called free SHS form 1 whiles I pay for cousin in 2. Govt told us for all and meanwhile my Auntie voted npp hoping to get some relief but now she has to pay for my cousin in form 2. Lucky u mzbel if ur son was to be in form 2 like u will make this video.


I taught in south Africa and is free for South Africans. Unless you wanna roll in model c or private institutions. I hope they pay teachers well and I swear God willing Ghana will be among the best. We will all come home from Yankee to help.


why x Ghana one party state or wat if someone didn't join ur party then it means that person x ur enemy eei,because u r not in party A so wen they do something gud u don't praise them