Eiiii,Wind Entered the House before Ebony Arrived Home.


Ebony's Last Video before her death Ebony Lesbian's Partner was Popular Lesbian in Ghana.We Have the video prov Ebony House Adwoa Nyamekye.......I Saw Ebony's Body Hovering around where the Acc!dent Occurred Watch Video of Franky Kuri ,who de*d along with Ebony


Published on: 2018-02-11

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What you guys are saying about the woman is rong


Why do i feel this woman is phony


hmmmmmmm wherever you are, may your beautiful soul rest in peace........


I still can't believe you are dead Ebony ..oh God


I don't know this woman dey bore me since day one..... Ay3n


I dont trust you if this is true remember u wil surely pay for it.


The level of stupidity in our society is too high. Not only is this woman not a witch, there is no such thing as witchcraft. Africans are so stupid I can't even wrap my head around our problems. You actually believe that this woman can kill people from a remote location? Why did America spend billions trillions of dollars going after Saddam and bin laden when they could have simply shown up in Ghana and asked a witch to kill sadam and Osama. Why don't they get Ebony's auntie to kill the mad man in North Korea. White people are the biggest opportunists in the world, if this shit were true, they would already be using witches to assassinate their enemies. Do u know how many American and British soldiers would be saved from death if the US could simply bewitch their enemies? You have all created this highly charged ultra superstitious environment and u people keep living in a dream world instead of facing reality. Yes life is mysterious. Yes strange unexplainable things happen. But it happens in China Japan Laos pua pua new Guinea Italy India and everywhere. It has nothing to do with witches and Jesus. There is no Jesus in China. No Jesus in India and that's already 2/7 of the Earth's population. The country that is doing well right now is China. Why are Ghana and Nigeria shit hole countries with so many Jesus followers. If what u believed in was so superior, why are u all so fucking poor and disease stricken. Kwasiasem. Fucking idiots. You are all fools. Every single one of u. Someone gets into an accident on a dimly lit road, over speeding, probably loud music, heap of sand in the road, over taking, cell phone usage while driving, and so many other possibilities and combinations......yet the fucking African is still stuck in the 15 century talking about witches and Jesus. So how were witches dealt with before white people brought Christianity to your ancestors 450 years ago when there was no Jesus. You people need to read. Study history. Study the world and stop acting like porch monkeys . Fucking idiots


hmmm,may her beautiful soul rest in perfect peace


Ebony may your spirit kill anybody that kill you...the person will soffer in this life before goin 6 fit.i am nigeria sending this masage.Rip my Ebony


this woman is a witch with evil spirit
she knows the death of Ebony
they kill her before she was going to sunyani there to meet the family


Ikr the way she was even rubbing her hands on Ebony maybe that's when she played her trick.


i'm trying not to be prejudiced here but this narrative is too detailed for mourning aunt.


pls, pls can u all stop judging this woman pls, she may not be what or whom u think she is pls, no one can judge pls, let God be the judge. thanks


Can u pls stop accusing the woman???..wat proof do uu av...that sh killed ebony


May be her reaction is not emotional ,do not judge there are many hands to be called in this case but who knows the truth.hmmmm