Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi finally respond to Owusu Bempah


I will collapse prophet Kobi's Church says Rev.  Owusu Bempa Prophet Badu Kobe Dedicates His SUNDAY Sermon To EXPOSING Rev OWUSU BEMPAH 7th Jan 2018 Owusu Bempah breaks silence over what led to his divorce Prophet Badu Kobi Finally Opens Up On Rev Owusu Bempah Claims of Disowning Him Rev Owusu Bempah Explains In Detail Why He Disowns Prophet Badu Kobi

Published on: 2018-01-03

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Do the will of God because one day you will go and make account for the father.


Unproffesional interview. Most of our conflicts are cause by these cheap and block headed presenters.


Prophet Kobi, you have shown maturity, and made the person interviewing you look like a fool. God bless!


This is the interviewer, you are a wicked person, I don't know who you are but you are a very bad person


Nyansaboakwa, Good job. Pls leave Sofo Kobi alone, no more interviews. God, is the ultimate and no living person has exclusive rights control over the Holy Spirit which is free and available in all of us. All one needs is to become born again and find ways to activate it. Soon when we all get to know this, spiritual this, spiritual that will come to an end. Is there a way that this can be amicably addressed?


The truth is majority of the Radio and tv presenters in Ghana smoke marijuana(weed) and snife cocaine ,this presenter is on them


The presenter is very bias and doesn't even know his work....when and where did the prophet Owusu bempah say his church will collapse by 31st and when did he say that prophet kobi is not from God?sick journalist


who are u u are an annoying presenter u lack intelligence...u ppl should be careful with ur lives ..follow christ wai....troublemaker presenter


This man and owusu bempah whose god is idiot and stupid, both. All of them are serving non-existing god. They always come out with stupid prophesies just to put fear in some illiterate Ghanaians.


It's time to shut Owusu Bempa up. It's high time he better kept quiet.


Eiii u can talk pa pa hmmm


You made my day man of God bless you ,pls I heard you saying you will respond later pls don't ,