Actress Maame Serwaa on #ATUU with Abeiku Santana


I felt like dying when ...  - Emelia Brobbey on ATUU OKyeame Kwame, Abeiku Santana Eat Fufu In Public On ATUU Prophet Kumchacha on #ATUU with Abeiku Santana ACTRESS MAAME SERWAA MOTHER'S ONE WEEK CELEBRATION - face 2 Popular actress, Auntie B on #ATUU with Abeiku Santana

Actress Maame Serwaa on #ATUU with Abeiku Santana

Published on: 2018-01-09

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But her mum is dead ... and your date is 9th January 2018


What kind of acting it this? do u want to tell us that she was not aware that Abeiku was d one knocking? d lapel microphone's monitor was seen when they had d Hague
. Director, better job next time.


Serwaa you are growing too much so go gym and start training


Hahaa abeiku is too funny. You’re too good🤣🤣


Abeiku is toooo funny 😂😂😂