Ebony rocked the stage of the Fancy Gadam Concert In Kumasi


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Published on: 2017-09-08

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Hahahah no fans oooo they are just looking at your sexual appeals


Ebony this one is too much


lmfaooo whastup with them just sitting there . wth lolol disrespectful


the guy behind her is the course of her poor performance he didn't help her, he is at the back making noise without singing anything


Waaow girl I love you and everything about you keep it up


This girl is not our own ,where is flowkingstone , cabum and ko-jo cue .she is making noise too much .


who gave them seat to sit their lazy asses on.boring fans


Ebony song nice one keep it up nicely done


Wow The New Voice Introduced At 6:35. Wow Am In Love.
Who Else Notice It


i dont think its the performance...e be the fans wey be boring...kumasi fans dieeerr..they are waiting for flowking i guess


Ebony, pls next time don't accept to perform on such a nasty and poor stage. The connection with your fans is bad. You need backstage dancers, being alone on stage is and boring. Goodluck!


Nice but u need to work on your stage performance stay cool


Ebony should put more energy to her performances on stage