Demolition exercise renders squatters homeless in Tema


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Demolition exercise renders squatters homeless in Tema

Published on: 2017-08-28

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Everyone has a choice to live but not to live to the detriment of others. The question to be asked is whether or not it’s legal to live at where they are living and what are the negative effects of their occupancy. People just comments without considering facts. Must the government let them stay because they also deserve a place? There are other places to go to within the same town, so the government should let them stay and then?


Awww, Ghana 😢😢😢


Please did I hear the assembly man say the chiefs have sold our land to some white men for recycling exercises? Aaaaabbaaaaaa aaaaaaabaaaaa, why are our sooo called leaders sooooo heartless like that. Oh God


Recycling is more important than human beings, and to foreigners at the expense of the indigenous people. No value on life for his fellow brother. Shameful !


That's Ghana for us.making the poor homeless, then you go and sleep in your apartment ....always selling to the whites. foolish leaders .before we ll come to realization, they've finished selling Ghana .