John Mahama Will Win 2020 -Prophet Nigel Gaise ,Ebony's Prophet


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John Mahama Will Win 2020 -Prophet Nigel Gaise ,Ebony's Prophet

Published on: 2018-02-10

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This is the fool who said Ebony is a lesbian


Lol I also said Donald Trump and Nana Addo will win so I guess it makes me a prophet now smh


He flipped through the pages looking 4 prophecies of 2018 but couldn't find Azaaaa pastor


Kantanka gets no coverage for his innovation yet the news media keep running to these pigs to promote this shitwhole agenda. Elsewhere humans are finding ways to make cars smart enough to predict and avoid accidents and in this shitwhole pigs are busy calling out who will die and when. I assume in the beginning the creator made blacks and gave them all the wealth and natural resources and then created the whites and said find your way of survival and that's where the black curse began. For the blackman said to the whiteman; it's too much of a responsibility to manage all this wealth so you whites can have it all and take full responsibility and us blacks will live a less complex lives just like the animals in the wild. The creator watched in silence and let it all play according to the agreement, and so it was fulfilled.


Christianity becomes politics


So Ghanaians are now celebrating this prophet right


kwasea MAN...awurade for where?why will u noy bring it up but looking in book
kwasea Fri h)


get out of there. prophet of death and destruction. fame mongering fools


He need mahama to do something to him that's why he saying that 😞


Mahama probably paid him


You need to be arest you are more that ataayi


In the name of Jesus the Christ, I received a word for the Church in Africa. Kindly watch this link

May God grant the dead repose and comfort the family and loved ones left behind in Jesus name, amen.


He is a liar false prophet Jesus Christ didn't came to this world to profesies dead and so on but he came to save and destroy evils works


God no show you any Accident again?


eiiiiiiii stop dat fake pastor go and sleep you to just one day you will die fake


Please we don't need mahama den pray to God n let paa kwasi ind come


What about ebony resurrected back to life please this is shame on ghana just a human lady


So God want mahama to come in 2020 to do God is the who want ebony to die and now God want mahama ah whay kind of God is that.why can't God kill all those corrupted politician and and bring some one who make the country a better place like any European God want us to called shithole