True Drivers [email protected] [email protected] High Fuel Prices In Ghana


TAXI DRIVERS Has Urged The Government To Reduce Fuel Price Otherwise They Will Increase Fair by 30% THIS IS THE REALITY BETWEEN NDC, GHANAIANS AND NPP - POLITICAL ANALYST MR. KUSI BOAFO Drivers Call For Immediate Transport Fare Increment Following Latest Fuel Price Adjustments COPEC, Drivers demonstrate over high fuel prices Take your free SHS and reduce fuel prices -Drivers To Nana Addo

Published on: 2017-10-04

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Why do you think it's the government who increased fuel. Ghanaians need to know certain things. Why is everything by government. You guys have been cheating car owners. Drivers have collapsed my transport business.Threatening government is not the way to go. You sat down for NDC to waste Ghs122 billion and now you want the country to collapse. We need to tighten our belts else lets Chase NDC to bring back the stolen money as Nigeria is doing


419 govt. Trying to robb peter and pay paul.