FULL INTERVIEW WITH BULLET, EBONY'S MANAGER £bony's Tatoo, Her Personal Meaning, Akon Wanted To Sign £bony I can destroy ebony's career because I made her says bullet (Manager) Ebony Once Told Me She Would Die Young-Ebony's Manager Bullet Makes Known FULL VIEW OF 3BONY'S ONE WEEK COMMEMORATION

Published on: 2018-02-13

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R.I.P Ebony#...my deepest condolence goes to ur family and your management team(ruff town records)


I also suspect she has no respect for the management but the management can't spill it out bullet have tried all best


You have spoken well man.. More respect.. Take heart


Bullet you did your part in her life. I see and feel your pain. You truly loved her.. . Her soul rest in peace. ..


Bullet dont mind the destroyers Ebony was my darling girl, may her soul rest in perfect peace


something fishy they go on.i can smell something about bullet.there is no regret in this bullet eyes.dem


First thing FIRST, Abeiku is a radio host/entertainment personality he has a job to do. His questions were things people wanted to know, however, his questions seemed to want put together a conspiracy that Bullet and her were separating and he had a motive to kill her. I'm disappointed in his way of how he interviewed. RUBBISH. It was an insult for him to say, "he never knew Bullet had it in him to quote scripture and knew God especially since he has rasta locs as an hairstyle," what type of insulting comment is that. You can clearly hear the passion in Bullet's temperament. He sacrificed and invested in her as an entertainer. It was more than money, the way he spoke about her, he made sure she was comfortable and remained a free spirit. This man hasn't grieved and people are awaiting as testimony as if he and the rest of the management team are in court in front of a judge. Managers are there to advise and organize, they cannot watch her every move, some decisions she made alone. The driver could be anyone, she has her own associates and friends before management, they don't control her. Leave this girl and let's remember her for her FREE SPIRIT, HUMOR, and MUSIC


Massa production is fucked up Kofi. Haaba common audio ay3 as3m. All this money buy proper equipment shit. Horrible


Mr look lm not going to buy any kassapreko product at anytime any day u did solicited the death


I think Mr Abeku some of your questions are not really important.


Those reporters asking questions, have they tried to work out why Ebony's car was so damaged? Where's the guy who was overtaking who they tried to avoid which caused the accident, was there only 1 eye witness/person on the VIP bus, because I've seen only 1 person been interviewed. This is what reporters should be asking the authorities. The damage to the car Ebony was in looks like it was thrown from hill. Which hill did this car tumbled from? Very suspicious. God bless Ghana ooh.


Don't think Bullet has anything to gain by losing Ebony she was an asset. At the same time her management should have known her movements. Even the one soldier with her was not sufficient security, those roads are even dangerous during day light so why would she leave when it was dark. I've seen a video in which Bullet was fighting for Ebony's songs to be played on air, but instead they were playing Nigerian artists. Ghana has to make it easier for artist to break through promote our own first. They need to sort out the industry.


As for artist management. Many of them just think of the money. Example: Amy Winehouse lovely smooth jazz singer in UK. She had extreme drug problems. In stead of her manager to send her to rehab to get her fully better and recovered. They pushed her to do a concert. She did not even make the concert and she died of overdose. Michael Jackson same scenario. He was not 100% well himself., then they pushed him to do come back concert. Not long he overdosed with some doctor. You could see he was not that strong. If you are an artist. Try and listen to your own inside warning. If a christian we call it Holy Spirit warning in your spirit. If you dont feel like doing a concert or travelling dont.

It is ridiculous to say her manager knew something about her death or he planned it. Why will he kill the person that is making money for him. Really...


This is a guy i met and i really like his determination, he never consider money first but he want a name, why am i saying this, i remembered his brother want him to come to abroad but he said he want to do his music here in Ghana, RAS Tempo to Etuwo Abuba (Bullet); his first producer was his uncle or "brother" (Jones) Etuwo Abuba never give up,when he change his artist name to RUFF and SMOOT, it is was really the meaning of his life how he started his carrier. Akwasi be strong and your star is shining on others start and they will be seeing.....God knows you, Ebony Rest In Peace.


This is ridiculous. She is not the only one that has died on the road. Many innocent people have died on the road no body is speaking about them. Other people also died with her. Who is thinking about their families.


Bullet, you guys are totally fuck up big time, the whole management of this big star , this is totally unacceptable, leave her alone like that, totally mismanagement. no no no bullet that is not necessary now for future generations, you need to explain yourself don't cut off the interviewer, allow him do his job....thx