Abeiku Santana, Counselor Lutterodt and Eugene Osafo speak on Ebony's death and prophesies


Abeiku Santana 'Fights' Counselor Lutterodt Over The Cause Of Indiscipline In Society UTVNEWS Okudzeto nearly cried over Amidu not apologizing to him over previous allegation KENNEDY AGYAPONG N*T IN SHOCK AFTER HEARING EBONY'S DEA... THE REAL SECRET Behind EB0NY'S DE*TH REVEALED (See Numbers)- Evangelist Addai OBINIM REPLY SHATTA WALE ON HIS DEATH PROPHECY

Abeiku Santana, Counselor Lutterodt and Eugene Osafo speak on Ebony's death and prophesies

Published on: 2018-02-12

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Luterodt, slow down, slow down. Look, one becomes a good parent when one's children listen to him/her. Parenting is a challenge and prayer can't be left out.


What happened to the vip bus passengers and driver?

Why weren’t they sent for check up at the hospital bcuz it was a massive accident?


the pastor is a layer.Y he did not pray against it but he make it happen before


Counselor loose talk ... he fool pass lol


Counselor u are soo much on point 👌


Counselor Lutterodt is always right but I don't know why people seems not to understand him


Ghana didn't deserve Ebony smh i didn't see anything wrong with her dressing


In the name of Jesus the Christ, I received a word for the Church in Africa. Kindly watch this link


May God grant the dead repose and comfort the family and loved ones left behind in Jesus name, amen.


The truth hurts
Counsellor is speaking the truth
The truth always hurts


Counselor today you’ve spoken paa


I swear to God the way things are going Ghanian celebrates must weakup and fight against all this prophet and their competetion they are the once killing our celebetes open your eyes oo guys is about time you guys must arrest some of them councillor you are saying the truth about some points but some point I don't agree with you because now shata wale is their next target hmmm eee Ghanaian pastor's


What wrong with her dressing come to Europe and see something


Ebony why??? God please let me get over it b,cos am still in tears i dont know her personal but her dead has made me weak


Counselor you have said it all. Abeku is too emotional.


loud ass counselor. Her father's statement was a suggestion, not a restriction.


counselor x d best


this guy acting like he's perfect.. like shutup Lutterodt