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Published on: 2017-09-14

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Honest man may GOD keep you long for your truth and bless you Amen


Please u people their called d prasentas should allow d ur guest to do the talking.. not u guy who don't know anything about history...ur work is to ask questions.. and listen more..


Nigeria Soldiers do this on daily basics, I've seen this severally, infact they beat a woman mercilessly last week just because she receive a phone call while they stop the bus she boarded.


God bless u Mr Ebun Olu.. If the FG claim not to know/understand the agitation of the South East, they r liars. Thanks for telling them.


God bless you Sir.


Who hired these coconut heads as journalists? Just asking stupid questions.


Buhari is a leader of Boko Haram in Nigeria (True Or False )


Why did Bihari not deploy army to the Southeast and some parts southwest when Fulani Herdsmen equipped with AK-47 were rapping, maiming, and killing women and men, killing children and parading their cow into their classrooms? Why didn't Buhari deploy the army at that time? Thank you my attorney for speaking the truth.


channel TV know that once baifra leave Nigeria there will no be news again for them,am sorry but I hate this two interviewer,always collecting money from government to speak lies nd rubbish


Buhari is the worst thing ever to happen to Nigerians


Big Brother God bless you Sir for telling the truth.


Wise lawyer God bless your generation continously.


God bless you sir. For huasa and yoruba they will face each other


Ebun Olu - A true legal Practitioner. Tell the whole world the bitter truth. Thanks so much


God bless u sir for saying the true


Wow i did not know that there are still some educated once in Nigeria, i think that the APC goverment have turn us all to the zoo there call us. Thanks Mr. Ebun olu Adegboruwa for Educating this goverment.


Sir, you talked wisely. Concerning what you said about Nnamdi Kanu on not knowing what he wants: He has been shouting that he wants Self determination for Biafra. When he was not given attention, he started asking for a specific date for the vote for Self determination (Referendum). And when it seems not to be forth coming, he added, "no date for Referendum, no election in Anambra state." Now, the Ohaneze told him to drop the agitation for Biafra that they are going to get Restructuring. He knew the kind of country we are, that they will not get Restructuring. That was when he ironically told them that if they get Restructuring, he will drop the agitation for Biafra. The Ohaneze went to Abuja and came back with no approved Restructuring agenda like he prophesied. This is just to clarifer you further on this point. We have been watching and following these events.


Yes, you are right , teach them what rule of law is all about. We are not in military rule.


I pray the whole world speak up now to avert another war. The Military will again deny what is going on in South East- Aba, Umuahia along the express way. Buhari will only be happy if more and more people from the South East are annihilated. Buhari will deny it even though it's written all over his face. What is wrong in granting Biafrans their own self rule since they are so hated and made irrelevant in Nigeria government?