Prophet names 2 'killers' of Ebony Reigns


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Published on: 2018-02-10

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No one killed her, Her Lifestyle killed her, (Filthy)


Ghana is going down. Why is Christianity prominent in Africa. Africans only supposed to believe in African Spirituality and how in the hell illuminati is running rampent in Ghana?? Why is homosexuality in Ghana too. I swear when the young ppl get organize and take over Africa all western religions and philosophies will be going through a massive clean sweep. You can believe that.


They are men of the devil not of God if you prayed for her after God reviewed it to you and she still died then you are not right with God good day.


Advertising his church first u see,this pastor should be sued,he killed the girl


Which is which stupid pastor. God killed her cos of her lesbianism as u said or human beings


West Africa traditional religion mix with Christian. Which God told you? Super OD is very old. What are you talking about. Accident do happens everywhere


Blasphemous. God doesn't courses accidents okay. This was accident bro. You are either mentally challenge man or looking for cash out


Aaahhh !!! Did you not say the prophet has named 2 killer's of ebony? You're such a stupid guy, kwasiaa


Have the prophet mention the name's of those who killed her or he's still playing the concert party game for fame?


Amos 3:7..Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.


Only in Africa that an outsider can make speculations and try to destroy a person’s family.


They should start jailing these fraudulent money grabbing fake pastors, ministers and so called prophets in Ghana 🇬🇭.

Churches has become a business in Ghana. The lying attention seeking pastors are the new scammers.


Can't or couldn't you have interceded on her behalf....prophets I believe r good intercessors.


And Super OD died today....hehehehe. Ghana ay3 hu