Agogo Shooting Incident: Fear Grips Residents


75 'galamseyers' arrested in dawn swoop at Konongo Odumase Shatta Wale on #ATUU with Abeiku Santana Veteran Ghanaian actor, Sam Adjeteyfio on #ATUU with Abeiku Santana Police arrest notorious jail breaker FULANI MENACE AT ASANTE AKYEM AGOGO --- Police Commander Transferred

Agogo Shooting Incident: Fear Grips Residents

Published on: 2018-01-10

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The must stupid and foolish country in the world ghana how can a stranger take over the country all because of corruption leaders


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Ghanaian leaders should wakeup ooo hmm


akofu ado civil war is in ghana now ok, control immigration sack fulanni people now


This is a war not peace, they mast remove their animals form the land


Eii Ghana it shall be wel
UTV programs no sizeeeee