Bullet replies Prophet Nigel, others over Ebonys death


Ghana Actors Guild Mourn With Ebony's Family Ebony is brought back to life.. Wow she will continue her career..I left death John Mahama Will Win 2020 -Prophet Nigel Gaise ,Ebony's Prophet I Never Pressed Any Botton On €B0NY - Bullet, €B0NY's Manager Abeiku Santana interviews Ebony on UTV

Bullet replies Prophet Nigel, others over Ebonys death

Published on: 2018-02-13

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If you sit in church building does not mean ur legit


Who are these pastors who think that they created the universe? What is this shameful crap in Ghana....Micheal Jackson a world pop icon passed away and no one in the USA made mention of any prophecies....arent there any pastors in America....Disgusting country!!!


In the name of Jesus the Christ, I received a word for the Church in Africa. Kindly watch this link


May God grant the dead repose and comfort the family and loved ones left behind in Jesus name, amen.


Forget these prophet idiots. They should preach the true word of God and stop prophecy left right and centre. I blame Ghanaians for believing in such idiots. Everyday road accidents is how the prophesy idiots. Because of a religious Africa will remind poor forever even if Jesus come and goes. You think religions will blmaje you rich forget pay your taxes for the the government to start doing to make you rich. Religion is about Salvation and nothing else. If you want Ghana to be better forget religion.