Tourism Minister, MUSIGA sympathize with Ebony’s Family


Who Is Ebony To Gain A National Attention Ghana Is A Shameful Country Evangelist Awusi Mood in the home of Ebony's father after her demise Ghana Didn't Know   £bony And I Will Give Account On Her After.... - 3bony Father EBONY's Performance @ December To Remember Concert 24TH Dec 2016 This video will make you cry for Ebony

Tourism Minister, MUSIGA sympathize with Ebony’s Family

Published on: 2018-02-12

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Obour the herbalist .. odunsini obour


May her soul rest in peace


Ghana de3 they forget the road see they are doing


I see other people clashing how about the other 2 people. The other two people are not celebrities ( sad) thus they not getting this state burial. However the two other family member should sue Ghana for the pain they have caused. The accident was caused by a heap of sand that was meant to use to construct the road and was left there.


ebony dancefloor we will miss you Burma camp what is this I mean how?


Daddy don't correct anything if they have money to give they should rather used to construct Accra to Kumasi road 14 liens and fixed cameras through out to stop killing our people.


Woow,Mama Diana akiumi still got that voice 👍


Nonsense nonsense shame on you, instead of going to repair the potholes on the roads, you will wait until the people dies to present huge amount of money for funerals, how sorry I am for Africa, God is watching


But if u listing to this lady is not abt npp or politics is at a group ebony is part of is an association so why all the insult


A young girl name ebony who just wanted to live her dream but Ghanaians would not let her have peace smh.


So Mr minister, do you consider the two who died with ebony as goats or chicken you people are all heartless shame on you all


God bless you Lawrence Tetteh


This is musiga problem, NPP is now concert party.why?


If the Tourism minister spend even one cedis from the national coffers in ebony's funeral then the NPP party will lose 2020 elections, because life of ebony was leading the youth into a deep hole and that person must not be considered a such, if there is anything to go by then it bee the military man who was trained by the state and we have lost him when he has not accomplished his mission he must be considered and buried by the state


Prof if u don't like pls just stop watching and go and monitor ur children thanks.


I wish pls could just stop and think back to when they were 18-25 what did u not do that ur parents told you not to do. Some of u act like ur perfect human being. I pray all that is so negative ur kids turn out perfect for you kmt idiots ghana is a real shit whole. A country that sends picture of dead ppl just for fun 😤😤


Mr Musiga don't forget to give her royalties to the family as the following years ahead. Asonaba Kwabrafoso Obuasi